Sunday, March 25, 2007

Internet game of the week: Rick Dangerous (Flash)

A true classic, Rick Dangerous (by Core Design) made a splash on the scene in 1989 as one of the most frustrating games on the Amiga. One might even call it the ultimate game of trial and error. And traps.

I used to play it with at least two friends at the time, so each could memorize different parts of the levels and keep track of the numerous traps. Did I mention Rick Dangerous is all about traps? Poisonous darts and wooden spikes, everywhere. This Flash version of the game even has a built-in cheat to help players suffering from short term memory like myself: all you need to remember is to press
home every now and then to revive and replenish your ammo. Although the first game is dear to me, Rick Dangerous II is obviously the better game. I figured it'd be boring to put it as Download of the week, so I decided to include it in this post. Enjoy.

To play the Flash remake of Rick Dangerous, follow this link.
Click here to download Rick Dangerous II for Windows (2 MB).

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Gastronauticon said...

Ah, I must have spent several days in front of that game. Sweet memories...