Thursday, March 1, 2007

Retro game of the week: Another World (AMIGA)

(...Right, here we go. Don't get distracted this time, just finish the post. Hope it doesn't come out all nostalgic and pretentious like it usually does... Note to self: Don't forget to Wiki that rotoscoping-animation-thing... No big deal. Alright...)

Another World was all about trial and error, instant deaths and endless frustration. Still, it was one of those bright moments in gaming history. Developed by Eric Chahi in his garage
back in 1990, Another World clearly reflects his solitaire vision. It has a lonely, cinematic atmosphere that's evident throughout the game. Upon seeing this game at age 12, the graphics and the gameplay mechanics were too good to be true. The groundbreaking visuals were created using an Amiga 500 with 1MB RAM and a 20MB hard drive, Deluxe Paint being the tool for pixel perfection.

While gameplay elements like combat and jumping are flawed and imprecise, adding to the already high difficulty of the game, such imperfections does little to hamper the unique and immersing experience offered. Now available as a boxed collectors edition for its 15th anniversary, Another World features high-resolution backgrounds and increased detail.

To download the demo version for Windows XP, click here.


Daniel said...

Grymt initiativ. Tjuvsnålt demo dock.

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