Friday, April 6, 2007

Random Encounter: Rock Band (360/PS3)

It's always sweet when you're able to foresee the future, and some time ago, one of my many premonitions came true. Alas, a rock band videogame will be born.
And so it was. The creators of
Guitar Hero have announced that they will release a game unlike any game previously seen in the music game genre; four players will be able to gig at the same time in unison as a rock band. When it comes to instruments it will be the standard rock band setup, one guitarist, one bassist, one drummer and one vocalist. How the game will look remains a mystery, but the creators have promised that all "band members" will be able to play after the same note streaks to avoid clogging up the screen with four different streaks of notes.

Personally I think
Rock Band is going to be a wicked game - it will drain even more hours from normal civilized conversation and replace them with mindless toy-instrument bashing, not forgetting the good old strangled-cat vocals that people will try to force from their alcohol infested breathe. So if you think that your parties wasn't silly enough when you had Sing Star and Guitar Hero, this will take you and your friends to the next level of wannabe rock stardom…

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