Thursday, July 5, 2007

Retro game of the week:
The Adventures of Rad Gravity (NES)

I suddenly had flashbacks of playing this odd platformer, and I had to go through Nintendos entire NES catalog to remember the name. I knew I would recognize the title if I saw it, and I did: The Adventures of Rad Gravity. Published 1990 by Activision and developed by Interplay, it featured multiple locations and planets to visit, and had nice, crisp graphics. The story? Rad Gravity is sent on a galactic adventure to rid the cosmos of the evil computer Agathos. As I mentioned before, you move from planet to planet, from Turvia where the gravity is reversed to Volcania which is a (wait for it...) lava world. First stop: Cyberia, a seedy world full of crime and men with robot legs. Population: 200 idiots. Rad arrives to even the score. Sounds like fun? It's not. Playing it today, it's not nearly as interesting as I remember it. On the contrary, it's quite stupid. And the graphics? Ugly. Guess you can't trust the judgement of a 10-year old.

If you would bother, you can get the ROM here, or play it in your browser here.


Dunken said...

Var inte det där spelet rätt svårt också? Kommer ihåg att det var jävligt skumt när man hoppade omkring upp och ner och hade sig.

David said...

Jo, hemskt svårt, men man kunde ju alltid vända sin TV upp och ned... Många 8-bit spel är helt otroligt svåra.