Monday, September 24, 2007

Internet game of the week:
Five Minutes to Kill Yourself (Flash)

It's in the title, and it's pretty gruesome. A must if you work in an office environment.

Click here to play Five Minutes to Kill (Yourself).


Roys! said...

Cute in a gory way :P

The game is pretty laggy for me though - maybe my work computer is too slow. Only managed to get 60% dead before I gave up due to the lag.

Gotta try it at home when I have time :)

David said...

Yeah, lags for me too, but you can right-click on the screen and select lower quality. I'm glad you liked it.

Roys! said...

Got it, will try it soon.

I have been following this site via RSS for quite a while already after randomly clicking the links section at the Gnome's Lair, love some of more obscure games recommended here :)

dnkn said...

I thought the steering was a bit buggered. Takes a while to get used to.