Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Internet game of the week: The Tall Stump (Flash)

I'm probably the last person in the universe to discover this game, but I'm gonna go ahead an post this anyway: The Tall Stump was created by three individuals, hailing from such diverse locations as Australia, the US and South Africa. How's that for multicultural team? The Tall Stump is, in essence, a platformer slash adventure game with focus on exploration and the solving of puzzles. As you traverse deeper into the stump you find obscure items and learn to use them in even more obscure, nonsensical ways. Like moist most adventure games, then. Highly recommended!

Click here to play it.


gnome said...

Apparently, I am the last person in the universe to discover this game and it's brilliant. Thanks!

dnkn said...

Låter precis som på jobbet. Vi har haft alla nationaliteter du raddade upp. Eller vänta, vi hade en kanadensare, inte en amerikan.