Sunday, January 21, 2007

Download of the week: Trespasser demo (PC)

One of my first true next-gen experiences, Trespasser (released in 1998 by Dreamworks) featured abysmal gameplay and was almost unplayable thanks to something resembling an interactive, virtual hand. This original take on controls made everything extremely difficult; picking up an object was hard enough, let alone aiming a gun. Now, add some dinosaurs and a pre-historic physics engine and you get a FPS that is impossible to forget, although not in a good way. However, in its attempt to immerse the player it somehow manages to intrigue and frustrate at the same time.

Get the
demo (30 MB) and see for yourself. If anyone makes it off the platform, feel free to share your experiences with us.

1 comment:

Dr.Roy6 said...

when you start the level after you get to the side with the guns shoot the wooden legs holding the trailer up and it should roll down so that you can jump on it.

P.s im a major tresspasser fan.