Monday, January 29, 2007

Retro game of the week: Beneath a Steel Sky (PC)

To save time and effort, this is also Download of the week. Beneath a Steel Sky (released in 1994 by Revolution Software) is a true adventure game classic. I have lots of fond memories of this game. Although I only finished it once, back in 1994, some scenes from the game somehow managed to leave permanent images in my game-obsessed brain. One of them is from the opening scene (above left).

Beneath a Steel Sky
is set in an huge futuristic industrial city where its inhabitants endures a totalitarian government, which draws obvious comparisons to the bleak, dystopian nightmare once envisioned by George Orwells. It's an accomplished and detailed world, superbly illustrated by artist Dave Gibbons. The game fuses logical (if sometimes vexing) puzzles, a thought-provoking storyline and warm-hearted humor (much the courtesy of robotic sidekick Joey) into an experience that surpasses most games in its genre. And, since Beneath a Steel Sky is classed as freeware since 2003, everyone can enjoy it for free.

Click here to download the full version (65 MB) of the game (Windows).

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tormodh said...

Can be played with ScummVM, actually (AFAIR) ScummVM was partly the reason Revolution Software released BaSS as freeware.