Monday, July 16, 2007

Download of the week: Chalk (PC)

This is an old, token post. Not that the game itself is disappointing in any way (on the contrary), but simply because it's summer. Sporadic bursts of elusive Swedish sunlight makes video game blogging a hassle. So, I'm going to keep it to the point: Chalk is about drawing lines (using your mouse) across shapes to destroy them, or to reflect bullets back at your enemies. The right mouse button controls movement, while the left is used to draw lines. It's a very polished game from Joakim Sandberg, a swede who also made Noitu Love, et al.
In my opinion, this outing is far more original than his previous titles, and deserves all the attention. Highly recommended. Six levels.

Download Chalk (4 MB) by clicking

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