Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Internet game of the week: Thule Trail (Flash)

I actually had a really, really good time playing this, a remake of the educational game The Oregon Trail set in modern times. Basically an imaginative road trip, Thule Trail will remind you of the countless hours you've most surely have spent in some uncomfortable vehicle, on various holiday seasons, but in a fun way, of course.

Playing the game, you must make a number of decisions during the two thousand mile journey from Chicago, guiding your group (which you get to put together before leaving) towards the Atlantis Music Festival in Santa Barbara. Along the way you encounter hitch-hikers, various downhill races, random scenery (rendered truthfully in 256 colours, or something like that) and other nonsensical things.

There's also an element of resource handling featured in Thule Trail. All the things you might bring on a road trip (games and magazines to keep the morale up, music to avoid awkward silences, food and snacks so not to starve to death, gasoline, spare parts...) are needed to complete the game, and running short of them is not recommended. Keep your fellow travellers in high spirits, and their needs attended to. Marvellous.

Click here to take the trip. (via Indygamer)


dnkn said...

Jesus är kung att ha med sig på road trips. Det där var faktiskt rätt underhållande.

FUNNYMAN said...

This looks like it might be fun. I will look into it since it is free.